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Important Disclaimer:

Premium Roofing Ltd has conducted and performed a detailed roof inspection at the above listed site. The results and findings from this report are based solely and exclusively on the observations of the inspector at the specific time of the inspection and are intended exclusively for the above noted client. Nonetheless, there may have been hidden issues and unforeseen deficiencies and defects, including those which may not have been visible at the time due to various conditions (ie. weather; mechanical; other contractor work; etc). Performing this roof inspection does not guarantee that the observations noted have and/or will remain identical beyond the time that they were made, nor does it provide a warranty or promise of the roof being in the same condition beyond such time. Changes on roof structure and conditions can and do occur over time. The indication of the age of a roof is just an approximation based solely from visual observations. To verify the age of a roof, the owner/buyer should review all records and permits on file for the site in question with the local building department to determine when the roof was installed and the dates of any prior approved repairs.